Portugal, the new millennium. Liza is a young Russian immigrant woman who tries to free her self from her small-time crook Portuguese husband. Educated to accept the matrimony duties and living an unconceivable reality, Liza feels trapped to her bizarre son and a husband she doesn’t love but sheltered her from a past she doesn’t want to return. Things get worst when her husband’s obscure Spanish ex- wife arrive propposing a new business opportunity: forging passports to illegal immigrants. From that moment on, and to Liza’s growing despair, their house becomes a crossing point of desperate people with weird nationalities and different races. With them arrive Andrei, a young Ukrainian doctor who is running away from the Russian mafia. Falling in love with Liza, Andrei becomes her hope for a new life but, has she will find out later, things aren’t going to be that easy… Filmed in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, in a chaotic seaside neighbourhood of precarious housing, América is an ironic and burlesque reflexion on life’s dreams and individual liberty in a world that as it becomes more global simultaneously becomes more closed and intolerant.